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Hi World! We are The Santos (Emilio, Ana, Gabby & Elena). We are a Family who has made it part of our day to day mission to live healthier and happier. Not only within our family, but everyone who loves us or simply bumps into us as we grow through life. Our goal is to have as many people as possible join us in our mission as we believe that nutrition and fitness are an essential part of making the world around us better. We hope that you enjoy our site and get inspired to join us in this fantastic mission!

Our Story

Our Story

Hey there—It’s me Ana! Until you change your thinking you will always recycle your experiences. Never- I use to say when I was asked if I would be able to bounce back to my old happy sexy fashion-forward self. I once thought that Ana was gone for good and there wasn’t a glimpse left of her. Well, did I prove that depressed, negative me wrong. One day I looked at myself in the mirror and said enough is enough and I made the decision that ultimately changed my life. I started my Herbalife journey after being introduced to it via a fit camp. I changed my nutritional habits, started exercising, and change my group of influence to a positive energetic one and now I am back! I managed to drop 73lbs and have kept is off for 3 years. (1)

After my successful weight loss and regaining my confidence many around us noticed the change. They started asking me what was I doing that not only I looked amazing but my energy was on a whole different level. I enthusiastically started sharing the nutrition with individuals looking for a change and not soon after my new part time gig began. Today, I am a full time Herbalife coach helping people around the world to feel and look their best. The cherry on top- I do it from home and around my children! It just could not get better.

Hello - Ramon Emilio here!  I come from a different perspective into the team.  For years, I integrated myself into the Washington Heights neighborhood in NYC as part of a large effort to better the community which in turn gave rise to long lasting friendships.  In my neighborhood we are constantly reminded that Rent-Is-Due on the 1st and that all in life comes at a Cost!  This situation has pushed and broken people in many directions, good and bad, looking for a way to sometimes barely stay afloat.  I could say I was fortunate to have parents that worked hard every day and stretched a dollar all the way to our education, giving us a chance at life, something for which I am eternally thankful.

When Ana decided to start her wellness journey, I stayed in the background supporting her in whatever small manner I could by mostly staying home with the kids while she went to the meetings and seminars.  I understood that this opportunity presented itself when we needed it the most and we all welcomed it in our household.  My journey started after a major accident due to growing weight issue which made me realize the reality of my health and my commitment to my family, so I decided to do something about it.  In joining this amazing journey, I was able to realize the vision of Herbalife's founder Mark R. Hughes, and how much it resonated with the work I had done for so many years.  It was an explosive experience which I felt had to be shared with my family, friends, and the world.

(1) People who use Herbalife Formula 1 twice a day as part of a healthy lifestyle can generally expect to lose around half a pound to 1 pound per week.
(2) Top 1% Distributor. If achieved, takes between 3 to 35 years to reach, averaging 13 years. Requires skill & consistent work. For typical earnings, see Statement of Average Gross Compensation at Herbalife.com

Meet The Pure Fit Coaches

True Love... brings happiness

Ana Rodriguez-Santos

Full-time Herbalife coach... Fashionable and energetic, with a creative mind.

True Love... gives strength

Ramon Emilio Santos

Part-time Herbalife Coach... Technologically driven and business oriented.

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